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Download a Adult Baby Movies of your choice. All our Diaper Girl Movies are conveniently converted to Mp4, avi, mpg and wmv. We make it easy for you with all Adult Baby Girl Movies being a single file download with a detailed review. Enjoy a large range of Abdl Movies from around the world. You will find an Abdl Movie that fits your fetish for sure and some very raunchy Adult Diaper Movies.
Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Diaper Diary #1'

A Japanese schoolgirl spots a clothes line full of colored cloth diapers. Her curiosity causes her to have a closer inspection and gets caught by the occupant. She is invited into the house and over a cup of tea, the adult baby mummy shows the schoolgirl how the cloth diapers work while folding them away. After finishing her tea, the schoolgirl needs to pee and is excused to go to the toilet, but when she gets there, the light is not working and she is too scared to go inside and ends up peeing in her panties, with the pee running down her legs and onto the floor. With so many cloth diapers in the house of the adultbaby mummy, the schoolgirl soon finds herself being diapered, and once clean and wearing a diaper, she enjoys some time alone in her diaper.

Later in the day, she is out of her school uniform and fully dressed as an adult baby girl and she is now playing in the garden while her mummy folding cloth diapers looks out on her. As night falls in the garden, she pees her diaper and her mummy checks to see if she has a wet diaper so she has another diaper change. After some feeding and playing, is re changed again and dressed in her pajamas for a good nights sleep.
Diaper Diary #1 Length 1:26:17 H.264/MPEG-4 3.2 GB 720x480 4:3 NTSC

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Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Diaper Diary #2'

This is the story of an adult baby girl and her mummy. After arriving home from school, the girl plays around and watches her mummy fold a variety of printed cloth diapers and diaper covers and packed away neatly ready to be worn. The schoolgirl is looking forward to having her mummy diaper her and daydreams about being diapered while talking to her mummy. When her mummy leaves the house for a while, the girl goes to the draw where the adult baby pack is, takes it out and again dreams about being diapered and dressed like an adult baby and spending the day playing in the back yard and garden. She rolls out all the cloth diapers to see if she can diaper herself. She eventually puts on a few layers of the cloth diapers very messily and then tries to put on the diaper cover. Mummy comes home and is caught wearing the diapers and she offers to diaper her properly, which she does. She then enjoys the rest of the day in diapers.

The following day, fully dressed as an adult baby and in diapers, she is watching and learning from her mummy how to fold the cloth diapers properly, when she needs to do a pee. She does not make it to the toilet in time and pees in her diaper. Embarrassed she does not come out, and her mummy comes to find her, checks her wet diaper, and comforts her, and then she is treated to a diaper change. With her clean diapers and adult baby dress on, she now plays in the garden with the flowers, the cat and finds a bicycle to ride. All the fun is making her so happy, she is peeing in her diapers, and her mummy once again brings her inside for a diaper change.
Next day, she wakes up and walks to school, wearing a diaper under her uniform.
Diaper Diary #2 Length 0:48:23 H.264/MPEG-4 1.8 GB 720x480 4:3 NTSC

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